Charity Cheque

Sara Biddle handing over the cheque for £1000 from Whitstable Business Club to our Charity of the year FAR Skate.

We are hoping to be meeting again by May 20th so keep in touch if you would like to come along.

Zoom Networking for Business

Well as you all know by now meeting on line is our way of staying in touch. Still promoting each others’ businesses and new members about to join. I will be introducing our new members next Month.

Worth staying in your network group to help hang in there and stay at the forefront for business possibilities.

Zoom Meeting

Meeting with the crew during shut down.

We are managing to stay in contact and have short meetings on line with Zoom.

We are lucky to have a new member Andy Page of MPH Accountants. He has been supporting everyone with updates on funding for business and has very helpful lists on the company website

Sara Biddle, councellor and therapist, another new member, has joined Mind and other organisations to give online councelling at this difficult time for vulnerable  people.

All reports are that all members are safe and well and enjoying the ability to chat and keep each other going.

WBC On Tour

As we are finding spaces difficult to find that will hold all our members we have been touring around the possibilities in Whitstable and Tankerton.

Please keep in touch with our Chairperson , Nick Hardy 07973 343448 if you are interested in coming along. We do have a limit of one member per trade so please look at our members list to see if your seat is available.

February Update

Mark Greenstreet explained that, sadly, he was going to leave the Club as an opportunity had come up that he couldn’t turn down.  We all expressed our good wishes to him for the future and thanked him for his contributions to the Club.
We had two visitors, one being Andy Page from MPH Accounting (2nd visit); the other Rebecca Pearce, Customer Services Manager from the Miramar in Herne Bay (1st visit).
Charity Update
Sara and Nick met with FAR to find out how we could help them.  More info will be provided at our Charity Day on 12th March.  They have many needs, including wanting to buy a minibus to help with transport for children making long or complex journeys to get to the school.  Would appreciate help with other issues, not just fundraising such as help to make applications for funding.  We will continue working to find the best way to support them.

Planning with Purpose

Last week our Independent Financial Planner, Nicholas Martin, spoke with the group about the importance of perception and planning with purpose.

It is amazing how much of a difference it can make when you look at a situation with a fresh perspective. Nicholas likes to start with a blank canvas and will question your financial journey so far. By understanding where you are today, he can help you move forwards in the direction you wish to travel. Although he does not necessarily always expect answers, he is not afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions.

It is always important to ensure that you have a plan in place when it comes to achieving your goals, – this is vital when it comes to your finances; otherwise it is very easy to simply carry on doing the same things and not feel like you are progressing. Not only will Nick help you to develop this plan, he will also help ensure that you stick to this as far as possible.

If you would like to have an initial conversation with Nick, you can contact him:
– By mobile: 07812 049 031
– By email:

Loving your lymphatics

I gave a talk recently in the group. Your lymphatics are your body’s 1st line of defence against infection. It is vital you have a healthy system for a healthy heart.