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Chimney Sweeping and Woodburner Installation

Deborah Addams

Country Style Stoves

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Country Style Stoves is a locally based company, I work from home in my office in Whitstable. I personally organise your bookings with the company. We are ready to help if you are interested in designing, installing or redesigning your stove or fireplace, choosing a hearth, dealing with repairs, replacing parts, or you just need advice.

Every type of flue will need sweeping, a build up of soot , dust and any small debris will cause your fire to draw less and if left unsupervised for over a few years could result in a chimney fire.

Open or log burners will need to be swept at least once every year. With inspection some wood burners used all year round may need more. Just after Autumn is a good time as it will clear any debris such as leaves, and old nesting.

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