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Mark Greenstreet

Author of: 

‘How to become an effective networker’

Effective Networker
Herne Bay

Tel: 07840 784 072

Email: mark@effectivenetworker.net


Networking is a mandatory life skill, or more correctly, a series of skills, that if done well, enhance inter-connectivity between people. Individuals need to know and understand the power successful networking can have on lives, careers, relationships and financial success.

‘How to become an effective networker’ is a concise manual to help would-be networkers enjoy more fruitful, interaction time with others. To dispel a myth, networking is not just a business skill. People meeting at a party, wedding, school playground or even in a queue are networkers, when engaging others.

Mark, through his book, wishes to highlight exactly what networking is and provide an insight into greater possibilities that could easily result from successful execution of a few good networking tips.

Mark Greenstreet – Networking

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